June 29

3 Essential Elements of Your Promotion Strategy


In this video, we’re focusing on the final and most important element of the Marketing Mix — Promotion.

Without a good promotional strategy, your business is doomed to failure. There are many types of promotion that you can use for your product or service launch. The avenues you choose will largely depend on the type of product, and who your audience is. But no matter what avenue you choose to promote on, you don’t want to leave out these 3 elements.

1. The Kickoff — this is the launch of your marketing campaign. It announces to your potential customers that your product or service is coming soon, and gets them excited about all the ways you can fill their needs.

2. The Ongoing Campaign — many business owners fail in their marketing because they don’t make a sustained push. They make a big announcement, then there’s a long gap between the announcement and the actual product launch. Don’t be that person. Make sure that your Promotional Strategy includes multiple touch points, so that you stay top of mind for your consumers.

3. The Referral Strategy — does your promotion strategy lend itself well to shareability? How will you get your audience to invite their friends into your world? Providing incentives to get your customers to refer friends will help your campaign reach farther than you could ever imagine.

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